Miss Hong Kong jewelry campaign

Acrylic Photo Frame --- Miss Hong Kong jewelry gifts campaign

        Miss Hong Kong + Hong Kong Jewelry = a perfect image. Representative of this perfect image of the gift, it must choose his FanlyEC acrylic frame. Acrylic commonly known as "specially treated glass," it's raw material industry in the application of generally particles, sheets, tubes and other forms. Adaptable to the natural environment, providing designers with a variety of options. Acrylic products made by high-end, beautiful, suitable for different companies produce different types of gifts, is to establish a good corporate image and promotional gifts.
        An acrylic photo frame, transparent crystal, plus a purple velvet gift box combination, natural jewelry show in Hong Kong Miss generous and elegant. Purple velvet gift box, with a small metal buckle, it is extremely noble, just like our jewelry, like a dazzling light.
        Acrylic + = a small gift perfect gift to express the effect of corporate propaganda, and to establish a corporate image. The Acrylic photo frame cleverly convey a better image of the Miss Hong Kong jewelry.


Octopus card sets

Octopus sets - Hong Kong Games

        Hong Kong Games (HKG) is a territory-wide multi-sport event, the first and second respectively in Hong Kong Games in 2007 and successfully held in 2009 and has become a biennial sports event in Hong Kong. HKG need your support, hope that every Hong Kong people to actively participate in the Games, to jointly promote the community, "Sport" culture. 3rd Hong Kong Games, the evening of 14 May 2011 at the opening of Hong Kong Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground, more than 3,000 athletes from 18 districts will be in the next three weeks to show its mettle, a high.
        Hong Kong sporting event, you and I together to participate! The Octopus is set to give the people the territory, a simple set of wild cards, both outstanding promotional effect of the Games, but also people living in a good helper, a small set of wild cards surface printed with the emblem of the Games in Hong Kong and colorful sportswear for athletes and can store two bank cards and there are three memory cards. Hong Kong Games, the emblem is the three rings arranged in "18" character, a symbol of all 18 districts to participate in the Hong Kong Games.
        Throughout the Octopus sets, color-rich, is to promote Hong Kong as one to promote the Games in the best promotional products that the public can carry around every day the best gift to bring to Hong Kong Games, the best ad performance .


Green Chopsticks Set

 Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department ----tableware 

     Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) is the Health, Welfare and Food Bureau is an administrative department, responsible for ensuring food safety and hygiene for the people of Hong Kong's living environment.

     Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, the ideal - and the public together to improve food safety and public health level, the international reputation of Hong Kong, world-class metropolis. Mission - to ensure food safety and hygiene for the people of Hong Kong's living environment. 

Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department selected FanlyEC environmental tableware, tableware used in material harmful to humans, the production process does not pollute the environment, quality of products fully meet the national food hygiene requirements, products are easy to recycle after use, easy to dispose of or easy-consumptive, etc. characteristics. The tableware set for the crowd is very wide, in line with the mission of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the ideal. Printed on the lunch box business logo, to publicize the importance of sanitation promotion to encourage people to work together to create a better environment in Hong Kong.



Advertising Pen

Xia Guozhang Dragon and Lion Dance Group - Pen

       Xia Guozhang Dragon and Lion Dance Group ® in 1999 alone old, four generations of legend. The martial arts committed to the stage of the Lion, the introduction of corporate management development of traditional industries. 2010 started domestic operations, to allow customers to enjoy both in the development of the domestic market to the "Hong Kong's professional performance and reliable service."
      Xia Guozhang Dragon and Lion Dance Group With many years of experience in major events experience, this will be the major international companies, government and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong long-term support, it must have a current achievements. Become the "Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Dance Festival in 2011," co-organizer, co-ordination while 1,111 head lion dancing, breaking the Guinness Book of World Records.
      Xia Guozhang Lion Group in the "2011 Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Dance Festival" selected FanlyEC black ball-point pen as a gift, marked with the Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Dance Festival in 2011, Jian Li Lion, vitality of Lights, the world's Lion King. Dragon and Lion Dance Group has been a symbol of Xiaguo Zhang international recognition, while highlighting the mighty Lion, the implication Xiaguo Zhang Lion Group in the coming days will be more brilliant.
     Black pen, printed on white lettering of the logo, highlighting the focus of corporate propaganda. A simple black ballpoint pen is the public familiar with the daily necessities, but also a best business promotional gifts, choose the black with the Lion's vigorous, more vivid.